L² Marketing Research, Ltd.

One very important benefit of working with L²MR is access to its proprietary database. Over 60,000 opt-in diverse individuals have signed on to provide their opinions about a variety of products and services. With detailed demographic information about each person, clients can be assured that the right people are selected and interviewed. Great care is taken to ensure that the respondent database is not “over-interviewed.” Detailed records are kept so that individuals are “fresh” and their opinions valid. Clients have found that the data collected – and the subsequent decisions made – have proven the integrity of the individuals on the database. The database is used to recruit individuals for both quantitative and qualitative research.

L²MR has a strong commitment to attracting new research participants. Via TV ads, brochures and distribution of participant sign up cards, L²MR actively seeks out new individuals to keep the database fresh and diverse. The database receives periodic “cleanings” to make certain it contains only those participants truly interested in providing research services.