L² Marketing Research, Ltd.
L²MR provides the information and answers clients need to make intelligent business decisions. Clients from a wide variety of industries have found L²MR’s services to be of the highest caliber in terms of planning, method and results.

Offering both qualitative and quantitative services, L²MR provides these research options to meet client needs:


Qualitative Research
Qualitative research is conducted with small groups of people and allows for in-depth information gathering. Participants are recruited from L²MR’s proprietary database, and are limited to two to three studies a year to avoid the “professional opinion-giver” syndrome.

Qualitative Research

  • Focus Groups
  • Individual Interviews
  • Product, Taste and Media Testing
  • Home Use Testing
  • Mock Trials/Shadow Juries

Qualitative Research

  • Screener Development
  • Participant Recruitment
  • Focus Group Facilities
  • Discussion Moderators
  • Client, Participant and Moderator Amenities
  • Professional Recording
  • WebCast Services
  • Summary Report

Quantitative Research
Quantitative research is defined as interviewing large groups of people about a predetermined topic, issue or product. Randomly selected from an identified population, L²MR completes individual surveys with the goal of obtaining statistically significant results that can be use to predict future behavior.

Quantitative Research

  • Telephone Surveys
  • IVR Surveys
  • Self-Completed Surveys
    • Mail
    • Web
    • Intranet
  • Intercept Surveys
    • Mall
    • Store
    • Trade Shows
    • Conferences
  • Mystery/Secret Shopping

Quantitative Research

  • Questionnaire and Screener Development
  • Participant Recruitment and Selection
  • Telephone and On-Site Interviewing
  • Data Collection and Tabulation
  • Data Processing
  • Statistical Tabulations
  • Written Analysis